And the winners are…

The votes are in and the winner of this year’s Y.R.C.A. award is “11 Birthdays” written by Wendy Mass. If you haven’t read it yet give it a try. It’s a fun read. What do you think it would be like to wake up every morning and find out it’s your birthday, again? Sure, it sounds like a great idea, but the fun quickly wears off.

The winner of this year’s Rocky Mountain Book Award is “Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom” written by Susin Nielsen. This is Susin Nielsen’s second Rocky Mountain Award. She also won in 2010 for “Word Nerd”. In both books, you are quickly drawn into the lives of the characters. It is easy to imagine yourself in their shoes. Students in Grades 5 and above who enjoy realistic fiction should give these two a read.


Calling All Voters!

It’s time to vote for your favourite Y.R.C.A. title. Visit the library this week to cast your ballot. School results will be published when the voting has ended.

Do you have any predictions as to who the overall winner will be this year?



Rocky Mountain Book Awards

You have heard of the YRCA books but have you heard of the Rocky Mountain Book Awards?

The Rocky Mountain Book Award is an Alberta based reader’s choice program. It is for students in Grades 4 to 7 and focusses on excellent Canadian writing. The books appeal to many readers. You can choose from picture books and novels as well as non-fiction.

We currently have 16 of this year’s 20 titles available in our library. Stop by and check one out or perhaps you have already read one. It would be great to hear your reviews and to publish them on the blog!

2012 Rocky Mountain Book Award Titles available in our library:

1. Arctic Thunder by Robert Feagan

2. Brussels Sprouts and Unicorns by Robert Chaplin

3. Burn by Alma Fullerton

4. Case Closed: Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science by Susan Hughes

5. The Cat’s Pyjamas by Wallace Edwards

6. Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen

7. Fatty Legs: A True Story by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton

8. Follow the Elephant by Beryl Young

9. The Good Garden by Katie Smith Milway

10. Magic Up Your Sleeve: Amazing Illusions, Tricks and Science Facts You’ll Never Believe by Helkaine Becker

11. The Mealworm Diaries by Anna Kerz

12. No Moon by Irene N. Watts

13. Robert Munsch by Frank B. Edwards

14. The Sea Wolves: Living in the Great Bear Rainforest by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read

15. Tower of Treasure by Scott Chantler

16. Who Wants Pizza? by Jan Thornhill




Caldecott Winner

This year the Caldecott Medal was awarded to Chris Raschka for “A Ball For Daisy”. Chris Raschka is the author of many picture books some of which have won previous Caldecott medals. “A Ball for Daisy” is special because it is the author’s first wordless picture book.

Watch the video below of  one class’s interpretation of the book. What is yours? Check the book out from the library or stop by to take a look at it!


Y.R.C.A. Read Aloud

Last week, we had our first read loud session in the library. Students listened to the first chapter of “Books of Umber- Happenstance Found” written by P. W. Cantanese.

I had wondered what the title “Happenstance Found” was all about. I predicted that it meant finding a place by chance. I suppose part of my prediction was correct but I now have revisions to make after reading the first chapter. I am really wondering what adventure awaits within the pages of this book.

I was happy so many students chose to come and share their time and this book with me. I am finding it difficult not to take a sneak peek of what lies ahead. I can’t wait for our next read aloud time!


Read Around the World




This year we are going to take a reading journey. We are going to travel around the world. All you have to do is read and record your home reading minutes. At the end of each month your teacher will pass those minutes on to me. The total home reading minutes will determine how many kilometers we will travel.


Take a look at the Read Around the World presentation below to find out more about the stops we will make on our journey.

read around the world



Welcome Back!

The first two days of school have already passed. Classrooms are busy and the library is ready. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next week and showing off some of our new books.

Remember to bring in your summer reading lists. At this month’s assembly summer reading prizes will be awarded. I can’t wait to see what you have been reading. Congratulations to the students who have already submitted their lists. They were busy readers!


Marty McGuire

“Marty McGuire” by Kate Messner is a fantastic read.

Marty is a third grade girl. She likes to play outside and pretend that she is Jane Goodall saving chimpanzees in Tanzania, Africa. Marty’s dad is a 5th grade teacher and her mom is a wildlife rehabilitator.

Marty isn’t too pleased with third grade so far. It isn’t what she thought it would be. Even her best friend Annie has changed. And now her teacher has given her the part of the princess in the class play. Marty is not impressed.

To find out more about Marty’s adventures, read the book! It even includes a sneak peek at her next adventure in “Marty McGuire Digs Worms!”


Book or movie?

Judy Moody, Beezus and Ramona, Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, all of these characters and stories have been brought to life in the movies. What do you think? Is it better to read the book before you watch the movie?

Many of my favourite stories have been made into movies. I am often hesitant to watch these movies as I have pictures in my mind and have loved so many details of the stories. Sometimes the movies are great and sometimes not so great. One thing is certain. I am always glad that I read the book first.

Last weekend, my kids and I finished reading “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”. This is a book I have known about for a very long time but had never read. My oldest daughter will not see a movie without reading the book first so we decided to read it on our road trip. It was a funny book and I am now wondering how the movie will bring this story to life.

What will be better? The movie or the book?

George Brown Class Clown

George Brown is an ordinary guy. He goes to school, has friends and likes to have fun. However, George also has a little problem. A problem with burps.

These are no ordinary burps. These burps seem to have special powers and a mind of their own.

Read “George Brown Class Clown Trouble Magnet” to find out more about George and his burps. This is the second book in the George Brown series written by Nancy Krulik and illustrated by Aaron Blecha.